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CPF Bans Pete Doherty’s Whirlpool Effect

by | 20th, August 2008

MORE news from the Celebrity Police Force which has issued a statement that reads:

“The issue is not the act itself, it is the profile of fans that follow the act. Wiltshire police do not have an issue with Pete Doherty or Babyshambles.”

The CPF has been looking at the running order for Wiltshire’s Moonfest Wiltshire. THE CPF have made noises about crowd safely, but Anorak feels the running order is not to the CPF’s liking, and it would be better if it were reset to comply with staff overtime and bonuses.

Says the tabloid Telegraph:

Chief Superintendent Julian Kirby added: “We carried out an analysis of what Pete Doherty and his band does.

“What he does as part of his routine is to gee up the crowd. They speed up and then slow down the music and create a whirlpool effect in the crowd.

“They (the crowd) all get geed up and then they start fighting.”

How the analysis was carried out is unspecified, but the police canteen is in disarray, so too the Chief Supers tie…

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