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TUC Wants A National Holiday For Shopping

by | 22nd, August 2008

AS The Croydonian reports: “They really are coming up with some corkers at Syndicalist Central at the moment.”

As has been noted previously, the TUC wants a new bank holiday – “a ‘Community Day’ bank holiday in late October to celebrate and encourage volunteering and community activity“.

The latest broken arrow in its quiver is this:

In sectors likely to benefit from a new bank holiday, consumer spending has grown from 31 per cent of household income in 1971 to 39 per cent in 2005. A new bank holiday will therefore help to continue this spending boom, says the TUC report“.

Right. So there actually won’t be very much by way of ‘celebrating and encouraging volunteering and community activity‘ (whatever that is supposed to mean) but rather that everyone will be expected to go shopping, for a change.

Who’s working in the shops, then?

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