Anorak News | Pigs Fly Over Big Foot In LA

Pigs Fly Over Big Foot In LA

by | 22nd, August 2008

ANORAK’S Man in LA looks at Big Foot and spots Flying Pigs:

We last heard from Portuguese exile and performance artist Joaquin Blanco after his nuclear blast of the Santa Monica California’s artsy GLOW festival, and his hasty assembly of a rival BLOW fest (“an equally lame but even more over-hyped extravanganza of so-called ‘art’…” details of this actual festival soon to be announced).

Now the Los Angeles-based genius is going on about the recent media hoopla over an obviously phony capture of a “Bigfoot“:

“It pains me when I see obviously fake photographs of a man dressed in a gorilla suit in a freezer being passed off as Bigfoot.
“You no doubt have heard of the Topanga Canyon Flying Pig in the hippiedippie Topanga Canyon section of Los Angeles. In some circles, the elusive creature is as famous as the Bigfoot.

“I am appalled at the lack of respect in the media for the ideals of true cryptozoology, good journalism and sharp pictures.

“I will set straight that now.

“Only yesterday, I was riding my motorcycle across the canyon when I saw him zooming above. Actually, it was my muse, Peggy Hippdom, who pointed to him from the sidecar. And after adjusting my goggles, I pulled from my leather coat my new iPhone camera.

“I snapped these before he nicked me on my helmet and flew off.

This is evidence.”

Indeed it is…

Tabloid Baby

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