Anorak News | Gary Glitter Is Hiding: Want to Know Where?

Gary Glitter Is Hiding: Want to Know Where?

by | 23rd, August 2008

GARY Glitter was on the runway last night. ITN news broadcast pictures of his plane, in scenes not witnessed since the PLO (Paedo Liberation Army) was in its pomp.

Would the plane explode in a fireball? Would Glitter’s hostages to media be allowed to disembark unmolested? Or would they be required to chant “Leader… Leader… Leader” and the plane taken to Legoland?

Kier Simmons, the youthful broadcaster was onboard. A honey trap? Possibly. But Simmons remained intact, and free to tell us that “YES” Glitter had landed.

SKY News says Glitter is “in hiding”. He is. He’s hiding under your bed. Now he’s in the wardrobe. He’s in the Israeli’s camp at the Olympic Games…

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