Anorak News | Madonna Shows That Obama Has No Chance Against McCain’s Gang

Madonna Shows That Obama Has No Chance Against McCain’s Gang

by | 26th, August 2008

MADONNA has been performing in Cardiff. She is striking a blow for the John McCain camp. Obama is doomed.

During the show at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, an image of John McCain was flashed up alongside those of Hitler and Robert Mugabe.

It’s a subtle message that was back-dropped with scenes of global warming and devastation. The song was called Get Stupid.

At the end of the song, Barack Obama’s imaged appeared alongside those of John Lennon, Al Gore and Mahatma Gandhi.

Two of Obama’s peer group were murdered. Gore lost Florida and was beaten by George Bush. Obama has yet to be assassinated.

When presented with the two groups – McCain and Obama – Old Mr Anorak said that McCain’s peers had achieved the kind of enduring fame and fervent popularity that many politicos can only envy.

Group B consists of one man who preached love but failed to get along with Paul McCartney, a peacenik whose actions contributed to terrible wars on the sub continent and the division of land along religious lines, and a man who failed to win the presidency despite going up against a spoilt daddy’s boy and riding on Clinton’s shirt tails.

Which group would you vote for? Which group would win?

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