Anorak News | Man Adopts Childlike Potato With Human Face

Man Adopts Childlike Potato With Human Face

by | 26th, August 2008

MAN finds and gives home to potato with a human face. Treats him like a son: 

As he says:

A father of three daughters, Andrew Stewart has always wanted a son.

So, when his mother handed him a inch-long potato taken from a bag of Maris Pipers with an uncanny likeness to his nephew, he thought his prayers had been answered.

He could not believe the likeness the vegetable he has dubbed ‘Spuddy’ bears to his young six-year-old relative.

The 46-year-old said: “He is only tiny but you can see a little face and even got the hair which looks like it is blowing in the wind; all the neighbours have been over and they cannot believe the likeness.

“My mum, Evelyn, gave it to me and said to give it to my youngest daughter Olivia, 9, and she will not leave him alone now.

“We have got him in an egg cup and he is like a member of the family now, the only problem is that he is shrivelling up so I am not sure how much longer he will be with us.”

Can we not save the poor little mite, or eat him before he goes bad..?

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