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Rednecks Under The Bed: Barack Obama’s Not Shot Yet

by | 27th, August 2008

IT’S The Barack Obama Death Cult. It’s the fear that grips us all…

THE plot to kill Barack Obama – the Barack Obama Death Cult – sees three more persons held by police.

At least that’s what the Sun says on its front page. It’s the “plot to kill Obama,” says the Express on its cover.

There were four people, which means either one is on the loose, or else has been adopted by Russian agents/ the Far Right/ the CIA/ the Mafia/ The Taliban/ Hillary Clinton/ Joe Biden fans to kill Obama at a later date.

The Times says Obama has been “unruffled by gun plot”.

It’s the Guardian’s lead story: “Obama and the case of the rednecks with rifles.”

One may suppose that all rednecks have rifles, it being one of the key things that makes them rednecks.

The Mirror says these whites were the players in a “Nazi plot”. Maybe Obama should move to Germany, where he’d be safer?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is still alive. No-one has fired a shot at him. But the media waits more in expectation than Hope.


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