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Tabloids Differ Over Rebecca Adlington’s Right To Choos

by | 27th, August 2008

THE Mirror spots Rebecca Adlington, the country’s Olympic heroine and woman most likely to be the new Sharron Davis.

She’s holding a pair of Jimmy Choos shoes, as fashioned by London’s leading Malaysian cobbler.

The Mirror says it gave “two more golds” to her.

Mum Kay, 48, said later:

“Rebecca just loves them. The two things she loves most in life are shoes and swimming. If they made designer flippers, she’d be in heaven.”

The shoes cost £450 (the pair). It’s a scoop. And one also worthy of the Mail’s cover: “A hero’s welcome for Beccy (and a pair of golden Jimmy Choos.” Reports the paper:

“The self-confessed shoe addict also looked thrilled as she was presented with a pair of £460 gold Jimmy Choo heels, appropriately made from water snake.”

And presented to her by the Mirror. Or, as the Mail puts it:

“Record breaker: Rebecca Adlington receives her £460 Jimmy Choo shoes from the mayor of Mansfield Tony Egginton.”

Who works for the Mirror by day, right..?

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