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Guardian’s Letter To America: Dear John McCain Voter…

by | 31st, August 2008

ANORAK remembers when the Guardian tried to influence voters in the US or A who were too darn stooped to work out that George Bush was going to kill them all with his weather machine.

Operation Clark County would see Guardian readers instruct those colonial picaninnies, rednecks, white trash, gangbangers and creationists that John Kerry should be president and not George Bush.

As Jonathan Freedland put it:

If everyone in the world will be affected by this election, shouldn’t everyone in the world have a vote?

Guardian readers were to write to Americans living in Clark County, Ohio, and swing the swing state for swinging John Kerry, President of Planet Earth.

There was advice:

And in choosing your arguments, keep in mind the real risk of alienating your reader by coming across as interfering or offensive. You might want to handwrite your letter, for additional impact, and we strongly recommend including your own name and address – it lends far more credibility to your views, and you might get a reply…

Replies like “Dear Asshole..”; “f*** U” and “I KANT REED”…

George Bush won Clark County by 1,620 votes.

Now Martin Kettle writes in the Guardian:

Maybe it hardly bears thinking about the morning of November 5 if Barack Obama has lost to John McCain the previous day.

Remember, remember the fifth of November…

All that would be as nothing to the global dismay that would greet the election of President McCain. Much of the world would simply despair of the American people — and so would many Americans.

Global dismay?

Pass the stamps….

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