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Best Of Biscuit: Prince Charles Holds The Sun’s Millies

by | 1st, September 2008

DO you want to know what “Britain’s first awards exclusively for the Armed Forces” are?

The Defence Medal, awarded to all fulltime personnel who served 28 days or more between 1939 and 1945? The South Atlantic Medal (1982)? The Italy Star, the Burma Star, the Africa Star, the Atlantic Star?

None. They’re called the Millies (The Sun Military Awards). And now to go with small plastic Daily Mirror gongette, men and women who have offered their lives for their nation will receive a tribute modelled on an aroused door knob.

Prizes are on offer are for:

Best Recruit (best looking recruit)
True Grit (biggest nutter)
Best Armed Forces Animal (see above)
Most Outstanding Airman (D. Bader)
Overcoming Adversity (the ubiquitous hearts-and-more-hearts award for an injured fighter, preferably a man with a blonde girlfriend)

Says Prince Charles, who backs the award and has seen action with Camilla:

“When my youngest son went to Afghanistan, I understood only too well what it was like for those many families with loved ones serving abroad in often difficult and highly dangerous environments.”

Who can forget Prince Andrew’s bunker-challenged golf game in Saudi Arabia and risky shot on the ninth, Diana’s toil under a merciless, skin-ageing sun, and Eddie’s graft as an undercover clown in the Russias?

So, come on, one and all. Let’s give thank to our servicemen by giving them a Millie, which just happens to be the name of a range of soft biscuits.

Hey, let’s give ‘em a Millie’s cookie, too. They deserve it!

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