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Uncocoro: China’s Big Bumper Book Of Poo

by | 1st, September 2008

UNCOCORO: for Natural Unco Life (大便书) is a book about intestinal health, written by Fujita Koichiro (藤田纮一郎), aka Dr. Parasite. He wants us to secrete parasitic worms in our bodies:

For a long time, poo has been seen as a filthy yet unavoidable part of everyday life. When we are young, we’re indoctrinated that poo is brimming with germs: we must wash our hands after using the toilet, or else we’ll get those germs in our mouth, and other such ideas. So humanity invented the flush toilet and sanitation workers to carry out the important mission of “poo extermination,” and poo gradually vanished from our everyday lives. “Clean” Japan in particular has become a fresh, tidy, advanced, 21st Century country where poo is hardly to be found. Certain parts of the views outlined above are desireable or even necessary, but in addition to enjoying the plentiful fruits of science and a clean living environment, perhaps humanity ought to thing about whether there may be something wrong with all of this progress. Uncocoro: for Natural Unco Life will cause you to stop your blind drive to exterminate poo and carefully consider this question.

Better than reading the paper…


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