Anorak News | Sarah Palin: Britney Spears, Rednecks And Mum’s Bristol Fashion

Sarah Palin: Britney Spears, Rednecks And Mum’s Bristol Fashion

by | 3rd, September 2008

SARAH Palin Watch: Anorak’s look at Sarah Palin in the news…

Will the press that left Kathryn Blair alone afford the same courtesy to Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter Bristol Palin? Go on, take a guess…

DAILY EXPRESS (front page): “SCANDAL ROCKS U.S. – The Vice Presidential candidate, her pregnant teenage daughter and the redneck boyfriend”.

Scandal, indeed. How did the Governor of Alaska replace Madeleine McCann and Princess Diana as the Express’s cover girl? And is Bristol Palin blonde enough. Discuss.

“The braggart who go the American vice-presidential candidate’s daughter pregnant has described himself as a ‘redneck’ who doesn’t want children”

Feminists take note: Levi Johnston did not work alone. And he should practise safe sex, like those exponents on the Express’s sister organ, The Fantasy Channel…


THE lad expecting a baby with the teen daughter of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has labelled himself “a ******* redneck.

Do we know what a redneck is? And can you have redneck in Alaska? Surely, given the temperature, it’s more of a blue neck?

High school ice hockey player Levi Johnston, 18 — engaged to Mrs Palin’s daughter Bristol, 17 — also used his MySpace web page to declare: “I don’t want kids.” He adds: “Ya **** with me I’ll kick your ass.”

You have been warned.

Why Sarah has the X appeal

Despite news that her unmarried daughter Bristol is pregnant at 17, Republican strategists believe her guns and God ethos will chime with Middle America.

Shot gun and Good God!

The John McCain death cult:

But Democrats point out McCain met Palin just once before deciding to appoint her. He is 72 and a cancer survivor, and the cliché about vice-presidents being a heartbeat away from the presidency remains as true as ever.

And the kids? What about Bristol?

News that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol is five months pregnant outside of marriage left many anti-abortion Republicans delighted that she had decided to keep the baby. In a written statement the Palin family said: “Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that, as parents, we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned.”

The family stressed that Bristol would be keeping the baby and marrying the father. He is said to be Levi Johnston, also a 18-year-old high school student. On his MySpace profile, before it was made private, he reportedly boasted that he was a redneck who liked to snowboard and ride dirt bikes.

A redneck? Any point of reference?

Teen pregnancy in the US — with Britney Spears’ 17-year-old sister Jamie Lynn being a prime example — is one of the highest in the industrialised world. It is estimated that one-third of US girls get pregnant before the age of 20, with 80 per cent of those “unintended”.

Vote Spears. Vote Paris Hilton.

But Bristol’s decision to keep the baby has played well with delegates at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.


DAILY MIRROR: “PROUD TO BE A REDNECK – Palin dad-to-be in web boast”

Dad-to-be hockey player Levi lists his interests in an obscenity strewn page on MySpace, now removed. He confesses he is a “redneck” who like to snowboard and ride dirt bikes, go fishing, shooting and “chillin”.

Can you “confess” to being a redneck, in the same way that you can confess to being white, black or a Spurs fan?

DAILY MAIL: “Will McCain have to ditch deputy after just five days?

No. Yes. Dunno… Sarah Palin is easy to like.

But, just a day after announcing her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, was five months pregnant, the mother-of-five faced a series of new embarrassing disclosures today. It has been questioned whether Mrs Palin herself pregnant with her first child when she eloped with her high school sweetheart Todd on August 29, 1988?

For shame!

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia and a number of liberal bloggers say their 19-year-old son, Track, was born eight months after the wedding.

Wikipedia. Must be true. And liberal bloggers, like those who said Trig was Bristol’s? Can’t argue with that…

The father of Bristol’s baby, 17-year-old schoolboy ice hockey star Levi Johnston boasts on his MySpace page: ‘I’m a f****** redneck. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys.’

He’s wild, I tells yer, wild…


The Mail says Palin has been in a “controversial interview”. Here it is. She can be heard laughing at an idiotic shock jock. And… And nothing:

Sarah Palin – how can you not like her..?

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