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This Warning: Fern Britton’s Son Could Join Gang

by | 3rd, September 2008

FERN Britton, she of the high-waited gastric band and This Morning TV show, says:

“I don’t have experience of a child in a gang yet, I might do, but I hope to God I don’t.”

Fern’s sons are 14-year-old Jack (naturally) and Harry (ditto). They live with mum in Homer Green Buckinghamshire, a no-go zone for police because there is no reason to go there.

But last week, Fern’s son was asked for his mobile phone by a nasty man in a big car. He complied. Says Fern: “He felt powerless.”


“I could see that a child who’s been in that situation, for protection, would join a gang.”

So look out for young master Harry and young master Jack wearing the colours of the Little Missenden Massive: green hat, red woggle and smart grey flannel shorts.

When the going gets tough, TV presenters’ children tell mum…

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