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The BNP’s Hitler Youth, CCF, Nashi And Other NUT Jobs

by | 3rd, September 2008

THE British National Party is “running Hitler-style training camps to teach children how to use guns and knives.” So says Jason Beattie, the Mirror’s man in the fatigues.

It’s a bit like the Canadians do (see video), albeit without the grenades, and the Nashi Russians.

So says the Mirror. The BNP is an abhorrent organisation, but might the Mirror have got it wrong.

How about: “The BNP is running British Empire-style training camps teach children how to use guns and knives.”

David Cameron is all for the combined cadet force, the public school Hitler youth, so it’s to the good. Right?

Anorak readers may wonder why any yoof needs training with gun and knife when we’re told that all of them have one already?

Says the paper:

Boys and girls as young as 12 have been taught to shoot a rifle, given demonstrations of knife techniques and shown how to make a lethal wooden dart called a Dutch arrow. Although the camps are supposedly for 13 to 18-year-olds, the website singles out a 12-year-old named Rachel for her expertise at rifle shooting.

Incidentally, the website of the cub-scout movement features on its front page the image of a young girl firing a bow and arrow. Is she a neo-Nazi? And if she is, she appears to have made a wise choice not to get her military training at the BNP.

Says the Mirror:

Those attending were given talks on “heritage and culture” and advice on how to “deal with Marxist teaching staff” or National Union of Teachers members.

What thrillzzzz for the young Herrenvolk to pass their summer listening to news on NUT members and Bolshy teachers.

The plan to produce a generation of British Nazis cannot fail…

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