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Killer Caffeine Is Killing Our Kids

by | 3rd, September 2008

YOU want a media horror story? Here’s one: the Sun says that schools are on “caffeine kid alert”.

Who is this Caffeine Kid, and how do we summon him? Is he bad or good? If bad, can he undone by Ritalin or a pint of London tap? If good, will he pop to the shops and give the upstairs toilet a good once over?

School nurses have been told to watch for signs of caffeine addiction in kids caused by drinks including Red Bull and cola.

And tea. And coffee. But tea and coffee don’t make you fat, so let’s zoom in on the fizzy stuff:

Children are super-sensitive to caffeine, which is highly addictive. Large doses can trigger palpitations and agonising chest pains.

Why are we only learning of their horror now?

Drug Education UK spokesman Bob Tait told a school nurses’ conference to look for pupils complaining of chest pains, headaches, restlessness or sleeplessness.

Because that means they’re in gangs?

“If pupils are feeling unwell they are likely to go and see the school nurse.”

Well, yes. He’s done his research. Go on…

If they come to you with these complaints be aware that there may be a caffeine problem at the bottom of it.”

Or they might be on smack, glue, space invaders, video nasties, E numbers or any amount of fat…

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