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Credit Crunch: Cats And Dogs Are Cheap Protein

by | 4th, September 2008

CREDIT Crunch news of the day: Credit Grrrunch:

“Hard–up owner put their pets to sleep to save cash”

In the oven, on 220 degrees C or gas mark 4. You reared your dog, and you need the cheap protein…

Sick cat and dogs are being put down because their credit crunch-hit owners cannot afford the vets’ bills, a survey has found.

Grim news for pets. But not everyone’s a loser:

In total, 1.6 million animals have been given a lethal injection in the past five years because their owners were hard-up. This year alone, around 320,000 cats and dogs which could be nursed back to health will die as owners plunge into the red.

So who wins?

Vet Steve Dixon said: “Vets are in business to treat and save lives of animals, not to put them to sleep because of cost.”

Vet have never been so busy…

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