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The One About The Hadron Collider And Jade Goody

by | 9th, September 2008

WHAT have the Hadron Collider and Jade Goody got in common? Satan?

Fergus Shanahan and the Sun put their minds to it:

Says Shanahan (Sun deputy editor): “What would you miss most if the world ends tomorrow”?

Shanahan says he would least miss Jade Goody, who might have just ten years to live

Read extracts from Goody’s new book in the, er, Sun…

Jack’s rages left me sobbing and shaking with fear

This would be the same Jack Tweed billed as Jade’s rock? And this would be “brave” Jade?

Jade says:

“He was calling me a slag and accusing me of having it off with some other guy. I was gobsmacked. I said, ‘I’m pregnant with your child! What would I be doing with another fella?’”


“Then he lost it. He started throwing things around the room, hitting the walls, picking up the TV, breaking vases and lampshades. I was really frightened and lay on the bed, sobbing and shouting for him to stop.

“I got up and tried to leave but he blocked the door and refused to let me out. Then all of a sudden he pushed me on to the bed and stood over me, shouting. I was terrified.

“There was blood all over the sheets and up the walls where he had cut his hands on the vases.”

Is he ok?

“I marched over and pushed him as hard as I could. Then I punched him in the face. He then pushed me away and I fell to the floor.

“So I got up and kicked him as hard as I could. I didn’t know at the time but my stiletto went right into his side and punctured the skin.”

What have Jade Goody and the Hadron Collider got in common…?

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