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Lewis Gordon Pugh’s Ice-Bound Polar Defense Project

by | 9th, September 2008

INTRODUCING the Polar Defense Project: “We need to show the world what is happening in the Arctic due to global warming and environmental degradation…”

It’s the adventure of Lewis Gordon Pugh, a man who is “quickly becoming a Voice of the Arctic”.

He “will kayak from the Island of Spitsbergen (in northern Europe) across the Arctic Ocean, into the Arctic ice pack, and as close to the North Pole as possible. The journey, across some of the most dangerous seas in the world, is scheduled to depart on the 30th of August. The expedition will highlight how thin the sea ice has become in recent years.”

He will not be alone. Lewis Gordon Pugh will be be backed by a “support” vessel, one powered by, er, fossil fuels.

At the most northerly point reachable, the team will raise the flags of 192 nations of the world. Raising the flags will symbolize the fact that every nation’s future will be determined by what happens in the Arctic.

Kenyans will rejoice. So too the Hungarians, residents of that landlocked land.

Is he there yet?

Pugh’s kayak trip ended at 81 degrees north, about 1,000 km from the Pole.

Too much ice, you see. Too cold. Still:

Lewis Gordon Pugh, 38, planted flags of 192 nations on a barrier of sea ice where it eventually blocked his route north on Friday after a week-long, 135 km paddle north from the Norwegian Arctic island of Spitzbergen.

Hurrah! Brrrrr…

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