Anorak News | Obama Puts Lipstick On Palin’s Pig’s Eye, Minnesota

Obama Puts Lipstick On Palin’s Pig’s Eye, Minnesota

by | 10th, September 2008

WOULD you like the see the moment when Barack Obama lost the race for the US presidency and insulted womankind?

Sure you would…

But you know what he really meant? Sure you do. Obama was talking about St Paul, the scene of Sarah Palin’s triumph. You know, Pig City…

The crowd whoops, as American must, and seem to have taken the “lipstick” line as a reference to Sarah Palin, who described herself at least half jokingly as a pit bull in lipstick.

McCain supporter Jane Swift, a former Republican governor of Massachusetts, says:

“It’s clear to me … that Senator Obama owes Governor Palin an apology.”

Perhaps. But he’s not the first male White House wannabe to use the phrase about a female agonist?

Here’s John McCain speaking about Hillary Clinton….

McCain criticized Democratic contenders for offering what he called costly universal health-care proposals that require too much government regulation. While he said he had not studied Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan, he said it was “eerily reminiscent” of the failed plan she offered as first lady in the 1990s.

“I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” he said of her proposal.

And Obama’s used the phrase before. Here he is in 2007:

“I think that both General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker are capable people who have been given an impossible assignment…George Bush has given a mission to General Petraeus, and he has done his best to try to figure out how to put lipstick on a pig.”

But what of more subtle take on it all? The Republican convention was in St Paul, Minnesota, formely known as Pig’s Eye, Minnesota, so called after Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant, the first person of European descent to live within the borders of what would eventually become the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The religionists changed Pig’s Eye to St Paul and tried to smarten up an unlovely town.

You know, like putting lipstick on a pig, so to speak…

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