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Big Brother Slapper Hits Out

by | 10th, September 2008

WHAT news of Rex Newmark, Stephanie McMichael and Nicole Cammack? Who they?

How soon you forget, gentle reader. They are the Big Brother stars of whom the Daily Star brings welcome news.

The good news is that all are alive and as well as can be expected. The other news is that Rex, a protean Diddy Hamilton meets Rick Astley, has “sensationally” spent the night with the aforesaid Steph, who looks not enough unlike a boil washed Sandra Bernhardt.

The Star say that the couple’s “drunken night of passion was so wild that at one point Steph actually hit the raunchy chef.”


“Earlier, Steph had punched Rex when he goaded her that she was publicity mad.”

Whammo! Read all about it in the, er, Daily Star…

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