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Madeleine McCann: The Fear Of Maddie

by | 11th, September 2008

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WESTON & SOMERSET MERCURY: “Four-year-old snatched from outside home”

In Portugal?

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD Weston girl was told all her family members were dead by a group of boys who snatched her from outside her home. Now her mum, Tracey, has told of her horror after realising her daughter had gone missing.

Says Tracey, who has walked home ahead of her children (Jess and her six-year-old sister), who are following behind:

“I ran back inside to put some shoes on when I spotted two lads who looked about nine or ten. At this point I was so horrified that someone had taken my daughter I just screamed at them to tell me where she was but they both pointed in different directions.

“All I kept thinking about was what happened to Jamie Bulger or Madeleine McCann.”

What occurred?

Jess said the boys had taken her hand, led her towards the underpass and tried to lift her over an embankment to cross the dual carriageway with them.

Jess is four…

Tracey said: “Luckily Jess was good enough to say she was not allowed to cross without me. She told me the boys had said they were her new friends because all her family were dead and she would never see her mum again.”

Not nice boys…

“I would be mortified if I had not highlighted the problem and then it happened to another child.”

What happened to another child?

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