Anorak News | Sabina Guzzanti Faces Jail For Sending Pope To Poofter Hell

Sabina Guzzanti Faces Jail For Sending Pope To Poofter Hell

by | 11th, September 2008

SABINA Guzzanti faces five years in jail.

Guzzanti’s alleged crimes are covered by the terms of the Lateran Treaty, a 1929 agreement between Italy and the Vatican that says an insult to the Pope shall carry the same penalty as an insult to the Italian president”.

You know, the swarthy midget with the bandana hair and voice like hot moist hands on a nun’s thigh. No, not the Hitler Youth German, the other one.

At a July rally in Rome’s Piazza Navona, Guzzanti told the crowd that within 20 years Italian teachers would be vetted and chosen by the Vatican.

Pedagogues. No, not paedos. Pedagogues. She then added:

“But then within twenty years the Pope will be where he ought to be, in Hell, tormented by great big poofter devils — and very active ones, not passive ones.”

Poofter? It seems unlikely that Guzzanti was addressing the crowd in English, and used the word poofter. And we are left wondering if the poofter is the translator’s work, and if that person previously functioned as a translator for It Ain’t Alf Hot Mum, Are You Being Served? and any number of 1970s British sitcoms featuring an effete character.

But is the devil a poofter? And is hell being chased by aman in a cravatte oozing innuendo and saying “cheeky” as you beg for mercy and seek escape?

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