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Murderers Wear Horror Masks And Blood To Aid Detection

by | 12th, September 2008

IN “MONSTER’S BALL”, the Sun leads with news of “the sickest jail knees-up ever”. Eat your shepherd’s pie heart out, Jeffrey Archer.

This is “a horror-themed party for some of Britain’s most evil killers.”

Readers see a picture of the women of Holloway Prison’s Life Sentence Unit dressed as ghouls and vampires and monsters and devils and Noel Edmonds and more.

It’s the “slammer house of horror”, £500 Halloween party last year. The Sun calls the image “chilling”.

But it’s not.

It’s a picture of a rubbish party at an institution. The paper says it was handed the image by a “disgusted” prison warder to prevent the sickness from happening again, and perhaps to prevent the unnamed insiders from having to spend the afternoon supervising 30 grown women in face paint.

The paper than invites a “source” to speak on behalf of the women’s victims and say how the sight of them partying would “destroy me”. Good, then, of the caring Sun to feature the destructive image on its front page.

One good thing could come out of it, though. If the women can keep their costumes on all the time, even when released, they may be more easily identified…

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