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Sarah Palin Regurgitates Republican Cathecisms

by | 13th, September 2008

ROD Dreher likes Sarah Palin and hears her speaking on the record, and like a record:

I don’t expect a state governor to be able to converse about foreign affairs with the depth of a SAIS adjunct professor, or even a grad student. What I was looking for was not factual precision, but a sense of how she thinks, and where her instincts pointed. What I got was either a) distressing on its face if she really does have that unsubtle a view of the world, given what we’ve all lived through in the past seven years, or b) she doesn’t know much, and is regurgitating the Republican platitudes in which she’s been abruptly catechized.
Sarah Palin is only interested in America. As, judging by the press in the UK, are we…

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