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Hillary, Will You Dress Up As Sarah Palin For Me?

by | 13th, September 2008

DARLING… Can I ask your something; a favour? Well… Will you change the blonde helmet and the trouser suits..? Will you dress up as, well, er, Sarah Plain for me..?

First came the glasses. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that “many women” are snapping up Sarah Palin-style shoes and glasses.

Many are “blogging about which brand of lipstick she wears”. Yeah, the lipstick that comes in a tube fashioned into a trotter.

Hairstylists and wig sellers report sudden demand for her trademark up-dos.

Well, one has:

“Obviously we’re going to get a jump from this,” says Joe Aronesty, owner of In the past week, the company has sold about 25 Palin-esque wigs, ranging in price from $100 to the “Bargain Sarah Palin” wig for $46. “And it’s not even close to Halloween.”

Halloween nothing. Sarah Plain is an object of no small desire. She is the bikini-clad stuff of dreams.

So, darling will you, you know, change?

Says she: “For you, Bill…”

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