Anorak News | Italian Mafia Seek To Head Off Bread Threat From Lancashire

Italian Mafia Seek To Head Off Bread Threat From Lancashire

by | 15th, September 2008

PSST! Wanna buy some bread?

After yesterday’s news of the Lancashire mafia, today we learn that the Italian mafia have noted the threat, moving to nip in the bud the threat posed by Morris’s Quality Bakers, (Baker Street, Coppull, Chorley).

The Guardian reports that “city officials and investigators suspect Camorra clans are behind many of the 1,400 unlicensed backstreet bakeries in and around the city which supply hundreds of street vendors who sell loaves out of car boots – and they may be spreading into selling other basic food products.”

Yeah, car boots. Shoppers would do well to check the rolls for signs of blood and bits of missing person’s teeth and hair.

But there is a problem, at least the local police say that there is.

The bread is made in wood-burning ovens.

But police say Naples’ new breed of bakers are slowly poisoning their customers by burning old varnished wood, nut shells covered in pesticides and even planks pulled from exhumed coffins. ‘Whoever buys this bread is eating dioxins and carcinogenic substances and putting their health at serious risk,’ said Francesco Borrelli, assessor for agriculture for the province of Naples.

Indeed, can it be that the Italian mafia has reacted too slowly to head off the threat from Lancashire? Has the Lancashire mafia already got at the local sheriffs paying them to shut down the Italian caper?

Will the Bread Knife Wars erupt? Cha-better believe it…

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