Anorak News | Resigned Barry Gardiner Makes Way For Twigg At Forestry

Resigned Barry Gardiner Makes Way For Twigg At Forestry

by | 15th, September 2008

BARRY Gardiner is the Member of Parliament for Brent North and Gordon Brown’s Special Envoy for Forestry.

Now Barry Gardiner is the former Special Envoy for Forestry, having resigned his position to go onto pastures new. Incidentally this is the same Barry Gardiner who told us:

“The public has stopped listening to Gordon Brown. He is not a popular prime minister, but he would continue to have my support if he showed sound judgment, international leadership and political vision. Instead we have vacillation, loss of international credibility and timorous political manoeuvres that the public cannot understand.”

The Telegraph says Gardiner was sacked. So does he:

Gardiner says he resigned:

Downing Street are quite wrong to state that I have been sacked by the Prime Minister as his Special Envoy for Forestry.

Unfortunately, Downing Street do not seem to have read my email of 10.24 a.m. on Saturday 13th September which clearly stated that I had tendered my resignation with immediate effect as the Prime Minister’s Envoy for Forestry and that the Prime Minister should be informed of my decision.”

So who got in their first? It’s all not enough unlike a soap opera in which one character is about to say something only to be brought up short by another character cutting in…

Meanwhile, the country is without a Special Envoy for Forestry, and the trees are open to all manner of abuses.

But employing Gordon Brown’s naming–and-gaming policy, Anorak learns that Derek Twigg is a shoo-in for the tree job, Angela Eagle is to be an envoy to the birds (rare), Caroline Flint gets to protect Stone Age Man, Alan Meale is Jaamie Oliver’s special advisor and Andrew Slaughter is the new minister for Heath…

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