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Madeleine McCann: The Al Qaeda Connection, British Police Tell All And Alone In Portugal

by | 17th, September 2008

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DAILY MAIL: “Mother accused of neglecting 8-year-old daughter in Portugal admits she hit the bottle but denies leaving girl alone”

There were two of her, occifer. No., wait three… four…

Stephanie Bysh stood accused of the most stupid of mistakes. After the disappearance of Madeline McCann the idea of leaving a child alone for even a moment was unthinkable to any mother in the country.

No mother should leave a child alone in Portugal for a second. No, make that a split second… Hell, you might end up selling your story to a magazine:

The “single mother” tells Closer magazine:

“I stopped taking it before the holiday, but the most I drank was two bottles of wine in a day. I was tipsy, but never drunk. Ariella was well cared for at all times. I was never out of control.”

Everyone was happy living in a small glass box with an invisible dog, eating peeled grapes…

Things took a turn for the worse when her purse containing all her money was stolen and the pair were forced to move in with a local mime artist Stephanie had befriended.

So what happened?

However trouble started when a new tenant moved into the flat and took a disliking to Stephanie. After a heated argument he reported her to the police for neglect and Ariella was taken into care.

The swine. Was he Portuguese?

“A police officer said there had been a complaint about me neglecting my daughter. I wasn’t even given the chance to have my say before they took her away. Ariella was hysterical and wouldn’t let go of me. They told me she’d only be by herself for a few hours and then I’d be able to join her, but that didn’t happen.”

To Faro. Then:

Three days later she was moved to a children’s home in nearby Loule, where officials said she was healthy and showed no signs of neglect. After waiting three weeks for the courts to reopen in September, Stephanie was released without charge and returned to her north London home with Ariella. She is now back on her medication and daughter Ariella has returned to school.

And… And nothing. Not even a comment on our Maddie. Some people have no idea. For shame!

ITN: “Public interest in McCann case tested”

A survey?

British police will consider whether it is in the public interest to release information about their involvement in the Madeleine McCann inquiry.

She’s our Maddie, so…

Leicestershire Constabulary, which led the British side of the investigation for their counterparts in Portugal, said it must apply the ‘public interest test’ before agreeing to disclosure.

Isn’t everything in the public’s interest?

Linda Dempsey, of the force’s data protection department, said:

“An initial meeting has now been held and from this we are still in the process of preparing the Public Interest Test regarding the intended response. It will be necessary to consult with other agencies to assist in this matter in order for us to give the due consideration that must be given to such a high profile case and the need to balance the needs for disclosure or not.”

Might it help keep Madeleine in the news?

Ms Dempsey added: “At the heart of this tragic case is an innocent little girl who went missing in May 2007.”

At the heart? That’s all it is. Nothing more…

LONDONIST: “Review: One Minute By Simon Stephens”

Written in a minute, as seems likely, or read in a minute? Or is it the name of a drama?…

Shining Man stages revivals of lesser known modern classics and with ecent successes Harper Regan and On The Shore of the Wide World at no less than the National Theatre mean Simon Stephens is modern classic material. One Minute from 2003 is brought back with uncanny resonance in the light of the Madeleine McCann case and post-7th July bombings London. An unreliable witness says she saw the girl – but she didn’t, she just wanted to? She did but she got the details wrong? She wants to help but can’t think how? One Minute is almost painfully contemporary even five years after its premiere.

Bombings. McCann. A link? Has Al Qaeda got her?

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