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Victoria Beckham Runs On Chips

by | 22nd, September 2008

SUN readers can learn today why Victoria Beckham has “finally started to smile”.

Beneath a picture of Her Poshness, the Sun’s other front-page story is: “DAD KILLS TWO TOTS”. We wonder if these exclusives are linked and Posh has developed a darker, meaner character?

Inside the paper, we learn that Posh is happy because: “I’m eating more, I run 4 miles a day and I shop less.”

If she ran to the shops, Sticky Vicky could combine her twin passions and not be so hard on herself? Better yet, if Posh were to have her keep-fit trainer run just ahead of her trailing a hearty rice cake and a mirror?

And why else is Vicky smiling-ish?

“There was a time when I did get battered quite badly. It felt like I couldn’t do anything right, so I didn’t go anywhere. I worked hard, kept my head down, looked after the kids, looked after David and quietly got on with my fashion work.”

In between the interviews, TV appearances, fashion show attending and the Spice Girls reunion tour, right?

“And now, sitting here today, I feel so proud of what I’ve achieved.”

And Anorak is proud of Her Poshness, who gives us the proudest moment of our Beckham-watching career.

So why is Vicky smiling-ish? Oh, as she was saying about her wonderful life:

“I run four miles, seven days a week. I feel energised and healthy — there are really nice gyms here and I just enjoy it. I need that self-discipline to get up in the morning, drop the kids off at school then go to the gym. I can think properly then go home and do some work. But I do feel so much better.”

Not to mention, smiley. Go on:

“David puts music on my iPod and Gordon Ramsay bought me trainers where you have a little chip so you can clock how far you’re running.”

A Gordon Ramsay chip in your trainers? Is she so addicted to food, or confused by it?

A chip goes in the mouth, surely? But little steps, Vicky, little steps. We’ve four miles to play with, and have loads of time….

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