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Forward With Boris Johnson As London Twinned With Beijing

by | 22nd, September 2008

STAGE 2 in the plan to make the London Olympics just like the Beijing Game, only better and more Chinese.

Having waved a flag like a totem of the Yellow River, a blonde extra from The Great Leap Forward, London mayor Boris Johnson is returned from China with ideas anew.

Johnny Chinky sure does know a think or two about bicycles. They just love ‘em. So here’s Boris on a bicycle riding about a car-free London with 50,000 other enthusiasts.

(Image: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

“This is the perfect way to encourage Londoners to get on their bikes,” says Johnson, pictured in the London Evening Standard cycling with Olympic champion Chris Hoy through an oddly carefree, er, St James’s Park.

“We’re here to show the benefits of cycling. At any one time, 50 per cent of the bikes in London have not been used for more than a year.”

(Boris’s team of uniformed minions has been rooting through your garages and lofts of a night. He knows.)

“Here’s a fantastic opportunity for people to get on their bikes and enjoy it.”

On your bike, citizens! Forward with Bozza.

And if you don’t get on your bike, you will be arrested and sent to Lincolnshire for re-education and…

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