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Looking To Big Daddy Fidel Castro For Love

by | 22nd, September 2008

ALICE WALKER is looking at Barack Obama and John McCain, and seeking Fidel Castro. No, not dear Che Guevara; he’s easy to find:

This is what I want for our country, more than anything. I want a leader who can love us.. But when the lights are out and I’m left with just the stars in a super-dark sky, and I feel the new intense chill that seems to be the underbreath of even the hottest day, when I know that global warming may send our planet into a deep freeze even before my remaining years run out, then I think about what it is that truly matters to me. Not just as a human, but as an American.

She wants Fidel to keep her cool at night. As Norm says:

His [Castro’s] only small oversight was that he failed to entrust them [Cubans] with the capacity to make their own decisions via effective democratic processes, or with the freedom to dissent without fear of imprisonment. That fact and some other features of Walker’s piece may put you in mind of the idea of infantile regression.

Of coruse, Fidel might love us lke we are his chiildren because we are his children:

He slept with at least two women a day for more than four decades – one for lunch and one for supper,” the New York Post quoted an ex-Castro official named “Ramon” as telling filmmaker Ian Halperin.

Maybe when he shuffles off, his children and all other fatherless Cubans can get a slice of his estate…

Note: Tony Blair loves us. You can see his pride in his shiny eyes…

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