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Imagining A Black President And More With Sandra Cichon

by | 22nd, September 2008

LAZY journalists fake anti-Obama racism quotes:

A quote attributed to Sandra Cichon, a private citizen, is spreading across the internet as a living example of White Racism. Did a reporter put words in this woman’s mouth?

An article in the St. Petersberg Times, quotes Cichon as having said, “I can’t imagine having a black president . . .”

In a phone interview Saturday, Sandra Cichon of Spring Hill, Florida denied that she ever spoke with any pollster or reporter concerning Obama or about anything regarding race. Cichon was taken by surprise when phoned by this reporter, and she was not aware that she had been quoted in any newspaper.

As he says:

Cichon learned about her fictitious conversation with the pollster when she read about it in the paper, which had interviewed her for an earlier story, and apparently has been using her name for quotations of their own invention to add authenticity to their pro-Obama propaganda.

Making up a quote is lazy, but why use a real person’s name? And why invent racism..?

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