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David Miliband Gordon Brown Caption Contest

by | 23rd, September 2008

HAVING told Vladimir Putin in no uncertain terms that if Russia continued to roll guns and tanks into Georgia he would be very, very displeased, Foreign Secretary David Miliband is keen to show that their is no Cold War between he and Gordon Brown.

As DM says to the PM:

“Until such a time when Gordon Brown, should he, possibly, sort of, feel old and tired and useless, I will continue to honour him as the terrific leader he is, unless, of course, the man no-one ellected to be Prime Minister should see fit to answer the prayers of millions of backbenchers and step down immediately, sort of…

“In the meantime, Mr Brown should not lower himself to sack me, because as a strong man and a man of untold strength and courage he knows better than to listen to idle rumour and unsubstantiated articles in the national press that I Miliband want his inherit his job, his home, his children and his rare fortitude…etc.

Your captions please…

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