Anorak News | Courtney Love Needs An Anally Retentive Documentarist, Apply Here

Courtney Love Needs An Anally Retentive Documentarist, Apply Here

by | 23rd, September 2008

COURTNEY Love is looking for housekeeper/documnetartist. Cleaners who might want to put a steadycam on their heads, can apply:

this is wierd but what the fuck
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is anyone insanely clean neatfreak near malibu? i need a non thieving non freaky housekeeper

Is anyone a clean freak in California? How many hundreds of thousands of people do you want?

also i need we need a documentarist, someone to document our studio as we go in wedsday, and i have ALOT of work to do til then and i wont just hand this to hbo or bbc 2 or bravo and god forbid not vh1!


A DOCUMENATRY NOT A REALITY SHOW. get in touch with jason whp will further put you in touch with jason wienberg at untitled.

The bbc… Can she dance badly of boil and egg in under a 30 minutes? If she can, she’s on:

and am looking for a young PA type someone whor eally wants to get nto the film business cos as we startramping up pay some dues with me for a few months and you can be on this HTH movie – i think i know who i want to play kurt- he may not be as BEAUTIFUL as the other two but hes got something special and looks alot like him and has a great voice.
i know this is wierd- the agencies suck and im sick of PIGS who steal itts simple as that., so fuck it why not try my space , beats monster . no superfans please. and its very good money. btw the housekeeping part just early hours .
wierdo mgcee

Dear Ms Love,

I would like to be your housekeeper because…

In ten word less or more, or a long small-hours-of-the-morning stoned-out ramble…

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