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How Madeleine McCann And Pricness Diana Made Us Fear

by | 24th, September 2008

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DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Baroness Neuberger: Children will grow up not trusting anyone in Britain’s risk-averse society”


Recent figures show there are no men under 25 working in England’s state-run nurseries, such is the fear of being branded a paedophile…

But no figures are given. How many men used to work in state-run nurseries? The Telegraph does not say; but it does find time to tell readers that:

“Her comments come amid increasing concerns that Government policies are poisoning relationships between people.”

It’s Gordon Brown who’s to blame. Shifty eyes…

Many people already say they are put off volunteering with children because of costly and time-consuming Criminal Records Bureau checks, and the problem is set to worsen from next year when 11.3 million adults who work with young people will have to undergo detailed background checks.

Yeah, as many as “many”. Can the paper be a little less specific?

Of course, the people checking the workers might be part of the same paedo gang as the wannabe-teachers, and well, you know…

Says the Baroness:

“We have become seriously risk-averse – fearful as a nation, scared of terrorists, child molesters and violence on the street – and as a result we make it harder and harder to help those who need our aid, and we become more and more withdrawn into ourselves.”

Good point. And Our Maddie..?

She goes on:

“Such a level of protection as we have instituted will make children unable to trust anyone. It is as if we are trying to create a risk-free society, which we know in our heads and our hearts is impossible. The result is that we restrict and we regulate, hoping to make abuse impossible, while knowing we cannot. And, that way, we deter the willing and the kind.”

We need a paedophile amnesty, not to drive it deeper underground. And Our Maddie?

The problem was highlighted after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales when, according to Lady Neuberger, public outpouring of grief was really about people feeling sorry “for themselves” and “looking inward”.

Our tanned Princess who reached out and with a manicured nail and some to-die-for gems touched our hearts.

She said mistrust and hostility to others deepened following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, and the Soham and Madeleine McCann cases, and the situation was made still worse by the Government’s response of increasing surveillance and bureaucracy.

A good point well made has been turned into a game of Tabloid Bingo, by the new Tabloid Telegraph.


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