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The Secret Iraqi Money Surge

by | 24th, September 2008

THERE’S the surge. And then there’s the surge-charge:

Did you know there are two Iraqi surges? There’s the buildup of U.S. military personnel that has led to a reduction in crime in Basra and Baghdad this year. Then there’s the surge of dollars that has made some Iraqi kleptocrats very, very rich.

It’s the new Amerika:

Iraqi Defense Ministry officials helped set up two front companies that were to buy airplanes, armored vehicles, guns and other equipment with $1.7 billion in U.S. funds. The companies were paid, but in some cases they delivered only “a small percentage” of the equipment that had been ordered and, in one case, delivered bulletproof vests that were defective and could not be used.

The companies also overcharged for military helicopters and tried to deliver aircraft that were more than 25 years old, he said. Instead of demanding the money back, Adhoob said, the Defense Ministry renegotiated with the companies for “a series of mobile toilets and kitchens — which have never been delivered.


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