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The Case Of The Labour Activist, A Dog And The Severed Finger

by | 24th, September 2008

“WHEN I came in there was the finger lying on the floor, cleanly sliced off.

“I wrapped it up in a food bag and put it in the freezer and waited for the owner to come back and collect it, so he could have it stitched on – but he never came back.

“I contacted the police because at the end of the day I have got somebody’s finger in my freezer. Later I got a call from them and they said they had found the owner, Brian Hunter.”

There’s more:

“He told police he had come to the door and the dog had bitten his finger off. If he had felt so strongly about it how come he didn’t come back for his finger?”

So says Mark Munroe, who found the tip of the digit on the doormat of his home Kielder Place, Lemington, Newcastle.

Now “Labour Party leaflet deliverer” Brain Hunter claims Mark’s Jack Russell terrier had bitten off the finger. And he wants £15,000 compensation.

Mr Hunter says he was bitten by the dog, Jack, when his hand became trapped in the letterbox.

“I walked up the pathway and using my right hand, inserted a leaflet through the letterbox of the door.

“Suddenly and without warning I heard a dog growl and quickly removed my hand. As I did so, I noticed blood and observed my little finger had been severed from the nail to the tip.

“Self evidently as I had inserted my hand in the letterbox, the dog had bitten it. It is my belief that the owner, Mr Munroe, was out at the time of the accident.

“Nonetheless, it is my understanding that he in fact reported the matter to the police as he found part of my finger lying on the mat of his home when he returned.”

The matters will go before Newcastle County Court next month.


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