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Baroness Neuberger Is A Moron

by | 24th, September 2008

The Telegraph reports her claiming that:

“Children will grow up not trusting anyone in Britain’s risk-averse society”

Anyone using the term ‘risk-averse’ as Baroness Neuberger has should be hung upside down, next to David Blaine, without a catheter.

They are morons.

They are morons because they don’t even know what risk means.

They are morons because they don’t even know what ‘risk-averse’ means.

They are morons who think that the money world is sexy and if they say things like ‘risk-averse’ it will make them sexy too.

They are particularly morons when, surrounded by the catastrophic consequences of unprotected sex in the money markets, they still use ‘risk-averse’ as if being risk-averse is a bad thing!

It isn’t!

It’s a good thing!

What’s not good is fear, or terror, or gibbering hysteria ratcheted up by politicians who like their voters frightened because that way they can shaft them better.

The way Paulson is doing…

– Chenier

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