Anorak News | Cheryl Cole’s Water Retention And Karma Suits Yer

Cheryl Cole’s Water Retention And Karma Suits Yer

by | 24th, September 2008

CHERYL COLE wants you to know that “I CAN’T CRY ANY MORE THAN I’VE CRIED.”

Cheryl Cole has suffered, although not from water retention.


Moving inside OK!, past “CHERYL WALKS AND TALKS” to Cheryl weeps and wails.

It’s not all about Cheryl, and this is a feature on she and her Girls Aloud bandmates. And we will get to whatsherface, the skinny one, the very skinny one and the one with the red-hair soon enough.

For now, Cheryl wants to tell us how through the pain she found her “inner performer”, and how her Ashley is “free spirit not bound by contracts or vows”.

“I believe in letting people live their lives and be free,” says Cheryl. But she’s not a big fan of free speech, because “people are too judgemental” and: “I can call my husband names, but you can’t  because you don’t know him.”

But we know his sort. And she believes in karma, which “comes back around”.

Or as one Scouse hairdresser might put it: what goes down, comes back up again…

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