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Javine Hylton Summons The Celebrity Police Force

by | 25th, September 2008

JAVINE HYLTON has been arrested by the Celebrity Police Force, reports the Sun.

Javine was arrested after, allegedly, “leaving a foul-mouthed voicemail for her ex-manager”.

Readers may believe that obscene phone calls are Javine’s new work, her singing career having hit the skids since the halcyon days of failing to get a place in Girls Aloud and flashing a nipple (hers) on Eurovision.

But no. Javine remains a star.

Although, the fanciful idea that Javine is operating out of call centre in Basildon is only given added colour by the claim that he is “screaming like a loon” at one Camilla Storey. Diual 0800SCREAMER.

Storey says she called the CFP, saying she feared for her safety. And they attended.

The good and bad news for Javine is that she attended a station and accepted a caution.

Thus her celebrity is confirmed, and with it a spot in the tabloid press…

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