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EdF Glows With Pride At Radioactiove Take Over

by | 28th, September 2008

BRITISH Energy is now owned by the free enterprise French. French EdF, 84.8 per cent owned by the French state, bought British Energy for £12.4bn.

Declares The Libération “A nous les vielles centrales anglaises” (The ageing English power stations are all ours). Snotty in victory. It was ever so.

A press conference, then, staged by Gordon Brown’s brother Andrew. So to the Millennium Hotel, London, we go.

This was of course, where Alexander Litvinenko is said to have met with others shortly before his death form radioactive poisoning.

EDF has 58 nuclear reactors on 19 different sites, and produces 88 per cent of France’s electricity.

What more fitting place for a radioactive meeting than the Millennium Hotel? Let the slide who begin, and just as soon as everyone ahs stopped glowing with pride, it will…

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