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Islamic Terrorists Audition For Dirty Dozen In British Jail

by | 29th, September 2008

“TERRORISTS inmates are recruiting a new army of extremists in British prisons,” says the Star Says column.

Have the jihadis been watching the Dirty Dozen? Is Abu Hamza Lee Marvin 32ith an in-built Swiss Army knife?

“Worried bosses are now thinking about housing all Britain’s terror lags in one super-prison to keep them away from others.”

The Daily Star can read their thoughts. It rubs it temples and urges restraint, saying that placing the terror lags in one jail “would light a time bomb that could destroy Britain”.

Of course, these prisoners are in, er, prison, and subjugating the rest of the country when you’re sat on the toilet next to your bed is no small matter.

The Star advises that the terrorists should be locked in solitary confinement, so as not to reveal any clues to other inmates and MI5 operatives in jail, and “they should throw away the key for good”.

It’s a genius plan that shows that the Star is one paper that will not stand for fascists who want to destroy this fair land…

Update: The Star’s example of a prisoner who was turned onto al-Qaeda while in jail is “notorious” Richard Reid, the idiotic shoe bomber with face like melted car tyres. It might be that if Al Qaeda fears anything, it should be itself…

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