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Why You’ll Love George Bush When He’s Gone

by | 29th, September 2008

WHEN George Bush goes, you’ll love him. Stanley Fish agrees:

Now I would like to enter these treacherous waters again and venture another prediction: within a year of the day he leaves office, and no matter who succeeds him, George W. Bush will be a popular public figure, regarded with affection and a little nostalgia even by those who voted against him and thought he was the worst president in our history.

Does anyone really dislike George Bush the person, or just disagree with what he represents? He’s hard not to like…

Meanwhile, does anyone like Tony Blair, the worthy, humble, vain, greedy religion-on-his sleeve, pleasing, warmongering, creepy, grinning hero of the once bereft Left? Maybe when he goes, we will.

He’s always been so very hard to like, and remains so…

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