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The Sun Makes Murder A Spectator Sport

by | 1st, October 2008

THE Sun’s “major summit on crime” concludes that “killers should be stripped of human rights”.

To the Sun’s Broken Britain summit where the greedy (Cherie Blair), the gung-ho (“Top American cop” Bill Bratton) and the gray (Chris Grayling, the shadow works and pensions secretary) are chewing the fat with the grieving relatives of victims: former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella, whose brother was stabbed to death; and Marcia Shakespeare, whose daughter was murdered.

The Sun seems to have adopted the interviewing policy of its sister organ at Sky Sports, seeking the opinions of those still hot with endeavour and rage.

Reporter: “So Marcia, what do you think of your daughter being murdered? Disappointed to have lost a loved one in controversial circumstances?”

Victim: “The judiciary have made a mockery of it. What’s the point when that happens? They got away with murder out there today.”

Brooke Kinsella says she fells “there is not hope” in this country. Marci Shakespeare says she is “stigmatised”.

Cherie Blair says “everybody’s rights” should be protected, including the “most unpopular people in our society”. Yeah, like her husband, of whom she says history books will place “up there with Churchill”; albeit with the two-fingered salute reversed.

Everyone has a vested interested, and every view is valid.

The point of the fringe meeting at the Tory Party conference is unclear. It’s all show with no punch.

Helpfully, the Sun make sense of it all by hearing from the father of murdered Sally Anne Bowman. Paul Bowman says attackers are “animals”. Paul Bowman calls for a return to the death penalty. People applaud.

Over the page, the Sun Says that police here are “10 years behind America in crime-fighting techniques”, although given the death of Jean Charles Menezes, our boys in blue are fast learners.

In conclusion: “Get off the backs of our police and leave them to get on with the fight against crime.”

But then who will police the police..?

Image: Police have released shocking X-ray images of a 16-year-old with a knife lodged in his head after a stabbing in London to serve as a warning about the dangers of the epidemic of knife crime that is sweeping Britain.

The teenager was one of the lucky ones — taken to hospital with the 12-centimetres blade still stuck just above his eye, he survived, but still requires regular hospital checks.

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