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Banker Aide: Britain Invests In Keeping China Sweet

by | 1st, October 2008

BRITAIN gave China £38.6million in aid last year,” says the Sun. And that will stop, should the Tories get into power.

Says shadow international development secretary Andrew Mitchell, a man who proves that the longer the title the more insignificant the job:

“Many British taxpayers would be astonished to learn that we are still giving aid to China.”

The Sun says China is so rich it can spend more than £20bn on the Olympics and put a man in space.

Readers may care to recall that when landed, the Chinese astronauts were sat on Argos garden furniture and carried off by saluting removal men. It was more as the Victorians had landed in Guinea than evidence bleeding edge of technology and the future of mankind.

And what of China, which has invested its billions in the US, the very place Gordon Brown says must lead the way in saving the world’s economies?

Keep the Chinese sweet and keep their money.

It might that £38.6 million is very, very good value, indeed…

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