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Crocodile Shoe: British Tourists Eaten In Australia

by | 1st, October 2008

ARTHUR Booker – “Tragic Arthur Booker” – is in the Australian outback on holiday. His wife Doris is sleeping.

He wakes early to check his crab pots on the bank of the Endeavour River.

He does not return. Doris awakens and finds the crab pot rope snapped, large crocodile slidemarks and the couple’s new video camera, Arthur’s watch and a single shoe.

Is this a John Stonehouse moment, we wonder?

Has Mr Booker left behind the trappings of his former life and swam off? Did anyone see a canoe?

Not so says the Sun, which screams: “BRIT EATEN BY THIS 20FT CROC.”

The crocodile is called Charlie. He is pictured in the company of men who are tagging him. There is talk of another monster croc dubbed Harriet.

Leanne Rayner, who owns the Endeavour River Escape bush camping ground, said Doris was so upset she was admitted to hospital for treatment: “Nobody knew what to say. We searched and searched. Mrs Booker was totally engulfed in grief.”

As Mr Booker is engulfed by Charlie…

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