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Hollywood Films London’s Hill Movies

by | 1st, October 2008

GORDON Smart, the Sun’s estate-agent-showbiz-PR hybrid, says “Hollywood film-makers” have been scouting Primrose Hill.

Smart hears a source say the film could be the new “Notting Hill”.

Anorak foresees a whole series of London “Hill” films:

Parliament Hill – Jude Law and Rhys Ifans strap their feet to charity collection tins and climb the hill to strike a blow for due process

Dollis Hill: It’s 6:34 am and two men are trying to work out if it’s better to walk to Willesden Green Tube or cut through to Edgeware Road and take the bus

Shooters Hill – Three South London toughs storm Severndroog Castle with the power of gangsta rap and moody stares

Muswell Hill – Will Armani get to the tennis club on time? Will anyone be able to leave when the bust strike strikes?!

Cornhill – The highest point in the City. A rights of passage story as a money trader reaches the top with an aim to end it all only to discover a Starbucks at the summit and a new career as a barrista

Denmark Hill – The cast of EastEnders produce an al fresco Hamlet

Herne Hill – Barry Hearne [sic] flattens the hill and turns it into London’s biggest snooker table. His plans are upset when a team of bigshot Americans try to buy the land and use it as pool table by way to Kentucky Blue Grass and cunnning

Tower Hill – Hugh Grant stars as bumbling foppish and vegetarian Beefeater who falls in love with a visiting German tourist.

In all cinemas, good, bad and shabby…

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