Anorak News | Madeleine McCann, Rosemary West And The Fear Of Esther Rantzen

Madeleine McCann, Rosemary West And The Fear Of Esther Rantzen

by | 3rd, October 2008

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THE TELEGRAPH: “Esther Rantzen: Fear of paedophiles is harming children”

Esther Rantzen has admitted she blames herself for raising fears of paedophiles to such a degree that adults are now scared to help crying children.

Rantzen! Last week the Telegraph brought us: “Baroness Neuberger: Children will grow up not trusting anyone in Britain’s risk-averse society”

Very soon everyone will be agreeing with this new premise, it being the way opinion is formed: one celebrity says something; another agrees; the media reports it as fact; all hacks agree; a woman in the Daily Mail says she disagrees; a reader says it’s “common sense gone mad”; a celebrity agrees; and so on and on…

The veteran broadcaster, who founded the counselling service ChildLine, warned that young people are now being harmed by the widespread suspicion that anyone who has contact with children could be a child abuser.

Well, they could be…

Her fears were confirmed by an experiment she helped conduct in a busy shopping centre, which found that 99 per cent of adults chose to walk on by rather than going to the assistance of two children who looked lost and distressed. Even the handful who did stop admitted they were worried that people would assume they were trying to abduct the children.

You stop and help a child who turns out to be pretending to be lost and alone, a honey trap that allows for Esther Rantzen to spring out on your with a TV camera. Will anyone stop ever again? Rantzen! Can she be cured?

Unattended Children Will Be Sold As Slaves

This comes amid growing concern that in the wake of high-profile cases such as the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the Soham murders, all adults are now viewed as paedophiles unless they can prove themselves innocent.

McCann… Paedos? How so? What does the Telegraph know?

DROWNED IN SOUND: an interview with popular beat combos Crystal Castles, The Teenagers (pictured) and These New Puritans

Who is your favourite daytime TV presenter?
Michael Teenagers: I don’t watch daytime TV.
Dorian Teenagers: Alexa Chung.
Thomas These New Puritans: Damilola Taylor and Madeline McCann.

HIGHLAND NEWS: Gordon’s got news for you

WHAT do Madeleine McCann, Gordon Brown, George Best, Jimmy White and killers Rosemary and Fred West, and the Yorkshire Ripper, have in common?

More jokes. Well, not one of them ever won the World Snooker Championship – for shame! C’mon Jimmy!

It’s writer Gordon Burn.

Entertaining the masses and selling books…

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