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How To Get Ahead In Journalism, By Rachel Royce

by | 3rd, October 2008

BUDDING hackettes should know that one way to snare a column is to date a columnist and then: a) have him leave you; b) leave him.

You will then be on the path to byline fame, and – who knows – maybe even a spot on Loose Women.

Rachel Royce has taken our advice to heart, and having found herself separated from Rod Liddle, rubs her chin and..:

* “Sorry guys, cheating is not genetic… it’s PATHETIC”

Wow, what great news! Scientists have discovered a ‘love rat’ gene – a genetic flaw that apparently makes some men unable to commit to the women in their lives, even if they are the mothers of their children – Daily Mail, September 4, 2008

* “How could my ex-husband Rod Liddle give his young floozy the white wedding I was denied – and make my children lie about it?” – Daily Mail, 3rd October 2008

Finding out that your ex-husband is re-marrying is something that most divorcees have to face up to at one time or another, however painful it might be. In polite society, I believe it’s usual for the ex to be offered an invitation to the wedding and to be diplomatically busy on the weekend in question. To be told after the event is considered rude. To be told by a newspaper journalist, as I was last week, is shocking.
Requiem for my marriage

Well, it work’s for us. When’s the big day?

* “Requiem for my marriage

The whole procedure was just too excruciatingly awful. I had a male barrister, while Rod had a female. They were on the bench in front of us, sparring on our behalf”  –Daily Mail, June15, 2005

* “I know from bitter experience why they’re at it”

These men are just like kiddies in a sweetshop” – April, 30, 2006, The Independent

Pass the pear drops…

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