Anorak News | Barack Obama Buys Michelle Flowers To Match Her Burka

Barack Obama Buys Michelle Flowers To Match Her Burka

by | 5th, October 2008

BARACK Obama makes the grand gesture and stops to buy Michelle Obama some flowers. It’s their anniversary. abc news reports the happening.

In the town of Glenside, PA Obama’s motorcade made an unannounced stop at Penny’s Flowers so the Senator could buy Michelle Obama flowers for their 16th wedding anniversary.

“I wish I could just slip in and get some flowers for my wife,” he said. He wondered for just a moment for about what he should buy: “I’m thinking not red…maybe yellow?” He settled on a bouqet of a dozen white roses surrounded in babies breath. Total price, $47.70.

abc news readers react:

  • Gee, that’s swell, white will look nice next to her new blue burkah. Who paid the $47.70, Rezco?

  • Hmmm…..he should have bought her an American flag and a script of the Pledge of Allegiance, since she hates America so much!
  • Maybe he should have bought her some fried chicken and watermelon!
  • what a cheapskate. $47 bucks. he makes millions from writing crappy book. plus, isn’t Michelle in Chicago? why buy flowers in a swing state when you’ll just have to fly them home? haha. he is a phony.
  • Hey nobama instead of buying flowers rather send that money to your brother in Kenya – the poor bugger lives on $1 per month.
  • BO is a criminal do nothing. He is lazy, sub-standard, made it this far because of Affirmative Action and using race to play the pity party to the benefit of his pocket and all of his friend’s pockets (Rezko, Wright, Pflegger, his wife’s, etc., etc.).
  • Obama’s gift to Michelle….anger management classes and “How to like whitey” classes, despite your college thesis and choice of churches.
  • Did anyone see that satin floral tablecloth Michelle wore after the last debate? Styled by Wal-Mart. Seems like Obama should have bought her some new dresses.

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